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  • Jul 12
  • Tax services
  • Orcheston, England
  • Tax On Royalties
  • 11

My god when I read that comment it's as though I had written it. As from last year I also had my royalties taxed at 30%. I have now started the long process of reclaiming this tax, apparently it will take me 10 weeks just to get a US tax number, only then can I start the procedure to actually reclaim the tax. What a cheek that a country that I have never even been to can grab 30% of my very tiny... Read more

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  • Jun 23
  • Toy Stores
  • Wishaw, Scotland
  • Publishing Services
  • 2
  • 32

I rote Charlie and the ice dragon. The secret realm. Being dyslexic I wanted mostly spell and grammar check along with editing which I was allowed to believe this was what I would receive. I have always made clear to you staff which has now become verbally violent. When you are convinced to be pro edited by one of your staff. I Paid for it to go to the best critics as you advised. Done paid fore... Read more

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  • Jun 10
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Bad Service
  • 69

I published with Authorhouse about 8 years ago. They probably have the worst service of any company I've dealt with. Book consultants no nothing about marketing, they are late with everything, no one will discuss royalty questions etc. All in all it is a terribly run company. If you are new to self publishing do not work with them. they change the royalty rate without letting you know the details... Read more

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  • Jun 07
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • London, London
  • Poetry Book Publication
  • 94

I wrote a book with authorhouse and I feel ripped of by them. No one can tell me how many book I have sold, no one can tell me about my royalities, but they have some slimily book consultion calling me to buy more of my own books to promote myself. The problem with that is that I have paid they a large amount of money to promote my book, but they failed to so correctly. Authorhouse are the... Read more

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  • May 07
  • Internet
  • Columbia, South Carolina
  • Website Access
  • 1
  • 102

My last book order of 150 books was discounted by the promise of a website provided by the company I received the books which cost me $1,612.45 and I paid in full on April 3rd. After a few weeks, a website was developed by the company of I submitted possibilities for a domain address and one was chosen. For the past month, I have tried to get the website to respond... Read more

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  • Apr 10
  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Sheffield, England
  • Publishing Books
  • 88

It has come as a shock to find 30% of Royalty is withheld for US tax. Having looked at ways to reclaim this tax... speaking as someone who has never set foot in the US... I find it impossable to negotiate the american tax system. I think you should make it clear from the begining that tax has to be paid to America. In England we do not pay any tax on paper materials, ie books magazines,... Read more

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  • Mar 29
  • Media
  • London, England
  • Hollywood Treatment
  • 134

I aid $6000 for the Hollywood Treatment, they promised the earth and delivered nothing. It was late in delivery, when I received the screenplay it was very poor didn't describe my book at all. Not options to update or provide feedback. This Hollywood Database they promised, doesn't exist. I got a Film Produce friend of mine to contact them to ask for the details of the author and they didn't even... Read more

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  • Mar 25
  • Media
  • Bloomington, Indiana
  • Manuscript Edit
  • 5
  • 128

AuthorHouse has stolen from me. I paid them $4,000 in late November, 2013 to edit my manuscript, and until this day they have not delivered anything. I filed a claim for credit with American Express, but the company responded that I had violated their cancellation policy. In other words, they claim that I cancelled a contract just because I was trying to get my money back! It has been impossible... Read more

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  • Mar 13
  • Media
  • Biola, California
  • Author Charges
  • 2
  • 100

I'm an author with author house. For you folks out there self piblishing Isn't where it all is. Author hpuse charges way too much money to an author To have a 200 or more pages book published. In today's economy you're better off rewriting and editing yourself. This company got big from all us self publishing fools who get tossed to the wayside and put on hold and shuffled around from one... Read more

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  • Feb 26
  • Media
  • Ebook Royalties
  • 2
  • 81

From UK - Be Informed Author House will take 50% of the ebook sales. The consultant in Philippines assured me that I will keep 100% of the royalties and this is not true. This is stated in the legal contract but you will not be told this verbally. Ask first to see the legal contract before you go forward with any further conversation. Do not send your manuscript until you read the contract. Be... Read more

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