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Author house is a sham they fake contracts better off having a 5 year old help u past incompetent more like crooks Add comment

I wrote a book (I was didn't know what I was doing). They worked with me, my only problem was thier word check, I'm that mad myself I know now what to do. Yes I would and will use them again. Add comment

Fellow authors. Save yourself money and don't buy those packages from any of those self publishers. You can do it all on createspace or you can go to for all types of book services including covers, book trailers, format and editing, and even legal assistance to check your book for libel and slander for $100 is what the Law student charged me. Create your own publishing company and publish it yourself. Don't waste your time or... Read more

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Hi does anyone know if Autorhouse is in financial difficulties. I read they where going bankrupt. I haven't been paid yet. it is over due by 5weeks and have spoken to them. they keep on making excuses and say all authors will get an email to say when they will be releasing royalties (cheq) Has anyone heard anything to this effect. I am shore we don't get the full amount that is owed to us. I believe I am owed thousands. All my other books are... Read more

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My last contact with my CIC was a month ago when she told me they had to do another evaluation and would get back to me in a few days. That was 28th of February. In the agreement in section 8-1/9-0, it states you can terminate the contract before the final publishing. I am going to see a lawyer next week. I had enough of their promises and the delays. My advice is to read the contract more carefully and DO NOT USE DOCSIGN. Get a contract that... Read more

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I don't really know where to start, I loved the book they produced but all I have received is a cheque for 60 pence, like somebody else got in the review on here. Demoralising to say the least and although some of the staff are lovely, some are very abrupt. They really sell you the idea of your book becoming a 'Hollywood' movie but quite frankly it's a falsehood. So you get them calling you and saying for example, give us £5000 and we'll... Read more

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Author house never used editor like I told them I wanted one after I got money. They sent book to format and my book was not ready to print. I had to pay over $200. To make my book go back to review. Every time I sent them a updated copy they just keep ss ting they only received one copy. Here that was the first copy I gave them through email. It was a big hassle to go through. I had send them three updated version there still using the first... Read more

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Absolutely appalling company. I feel misled and scammed for thousands of pounds. No effort made to sell my book. Every phone call from them trying to scam me further. Does anyone know how i can reclaim copywrite? Add comment

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God is not sleeping Author House is Blooming *** do not buy this book any where see this is my bio. It have become Author House slave. In 17 years all I got from them I $0.60.that's a photo of the check Read more

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I published my first novel with authorhouse and im sooo happy with them.U just have to be straightforward in dealing with each consultant. Read more

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