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Unsurprisingly, most of those who've posted AuthorHouse complaints here will not post their names nor will they contact us directly with their issues. More and more these types of review boards are popping up on the internet; and while I was all about consumer...
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I am very pleased with my book. Authorhouse was good, fair and easy to reach.

Thank you Authorhouse for all you have done to make me an author. :)

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#176866 Review #176866 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Authorhouse Publishing Service
Writing AuthorHouse is definitely a scam is a pretty serious charge. Do you have specific evidence to back this up? If so, please forward it to me with your REAL NAME and contact information and we will look into your issues and try to resolve them. It's impossible...
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That's very true,for a honest individual to make an allegation of such, it is really appropriate to come out with proofs/evidence.

I have the intention of starting my book with Author house but what i read poison my mind. hence i ve been researching the net & i came across this.

As human being, let make this world a better place while we live by being sincere with situations. i live you with this 'What legacy are we to leave behind us with all these after we are gone?'

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Todd | Authorhouse review from Irvington, New York

Todd, As I have invited authors to do in the past in this forum; please feel free to email me your complaint or issues directly to kgray at authorhouse dot com and I will have it looked into. Unfortunately, when someone posts a complain anonymously it is impossible for us to a) determine if the complaint is being lodged by an actual AuthorHouse author and b) look into the alleged issue to see what we can discover and possibly work toward a satisfactory resolution. Please forward your full name, book title and issue to kgray at authorhouse dot com and we will look into it. Best, Kevin A. Gray AuthorHouse
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Todd, can you please tell me the direct link for the Nielson BookScan that you went to on the net or did you call? I need to do the same thing.

I have had friends buy my book over the last few years and yet I still have not been receiving any royalty checks. Thanks


Excuse me Mr. Gray, but you are so full of it, lying sack of horse pucky.........AH is stealing people's dreams

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Response to Mike Getz's question about the editing of AuthorHouse books

Mike, AuthorHouse authors own their content. While we strongly encourage them to enlist the services of a professional editor; through us or their own means; it is completely their decision. As such, books do get released with typos and grammatical errors. The author has to sign off on their book before it is made available to the marketplace. Obviously, quality well-written books that have received editing from a professional editor are more likely to be successful. So whether an author publishes with AuthorHouse, another self-publisher or publisher, or they self-publish it themselves; it's worth spend a little extra time and money to have the book professionally edited. Best, Kevin A. Gray AuthorHouse kgray at authorhouse dot com
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Your a scam company with links to the Mafia. You use the books to launder money for the Mafia and scam hundreds of thousands of people for millions of dollars.

Hopefully one day you will be brought down. How's the lawsuit in New York going *** man?

Yeah you scammed my elderly father thi-ef.

I've read about your "editors" that deliberately add a bunch of errors so that you can then demand more money for "corrections" so you can scam more and you threaten to put the error filled book up on Amazon if they don't pay more and then never pay out royalties for all the Amazon books.

#173483 Review #173483 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Contact me with your AuthorHouse Problems

I've read a number of the complaints on this board and I'd like to invite you to submit them to me directly for investigation via email at kgray at authorhouse dot com. It's impossible for AuthorHouse to assess the validity of complaints posted by users with anonymous or fictional handles. It's also impossible to assess if these are complaints posted by actual AuthorHouse authors. I would advise any author to look at all of their options before publishing their book. For many POD self-publishing is the answer; for some it is not. I would also advise you to take with a grain of salt comments posted by those who fail to include their real name. I am a real person -- you can find me on the AuthorHouse Web site. Again, my email is kgray at authorhouse dot com. As well, I would be more than happy to put prospective authors in touch with authors who've achieved success with our company. Thanks. Kevin A. Gray PR Manager kgray at authorhouse dot com
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Get a reply from Authorhouse....? Best joke of the week. Thanks for the laugh.!


I talked to your Bookstore person about ordering some of your publications of "Flying a novel" by Paula Helfrich and Rebecca Sprecher and was told the price but that I could buy those books for less on your website. 'Went through the search process and "no item is found" came up again and again.

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#172757 Review #172757 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Authorhouse Publishing Service

Missrepresentation and fraud. | Authorhouse review from Greenville, South Carolina

Author House sent representation that they would help in editing, and marketing my book, "Two Brainstem Strokes." After receiving much money from me, Author House sent me information informing me, with their small booklet, that it took 95% of the energy put into a book to market it. Author House further informed me that only 5% of the effort put into a book is in writing the book. Author House never edited the book. Very small checks they have sent to me were NO good. When my banker called them about two small checks still in my possession Author House said they would call me! I am still in possession of much material with Author House promotional promises and contracts. I am not a dummy. I wrote information for a doctorate with a 3.75 gpa.
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Please feel free to forward your name and book ID and we will look into your issue.

Kevin Gray


kgray at authorhouse dot com

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To those who want to get together and sue AuthorHouse count me in! We ALL need to do it though or it won't work. It's been three years and I haven't seen a dime from them and I believe my book has sold some copies! Just tired of them and their cheating ways! I mean at...
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Hi, Authorhouse republished my first book and totally messed it up. I paid up front for them to republish my first and to publish my 2nd, which I haven't bothered to give to them yet as so disappointed.

I have been writing to them since beginning of Feb 2012, plus all the contacts and still no response. I have asked for communication to be in writing, think it must of scared them off. Finding it very frustrating as I'm in UK. Really feel like I've been taken advantage of.

I'd like to take it further if you know how we can pursue. :cry

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Can we all join together and do a class action suit against them. I was not paid in 2 years for thou - Authorhouse review
I have a children's book that I got published through authorhouse so I could show it to my mother (the Author) just before she died so she could be proud. I found it in the attic after 40 yrs based on a true story. She was a very well known artist. So I am now getting...
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As much as Author House and Xlibris are scam companies, the fact that your book is "sold out" doesn't mean they had any copies and sold them, it just means they don't have any copy. I looked at your book on Amazon and the ranking was as low as it could possibly be meaning you haven't sold any copies on Amazon, not surprising since you don't have an ebook version and Amazon sells much fewer of paperback and hard copy.

Just because the book is listed with Amazon or any other shop doesn't mean that it's sold any copies at those places.

Still these companies are a terrible scam as they lie and pretend they will sell the books when they won't.

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#157214 Review #157214 is a subjective opinion of poster.
I wrote shacking up 40 reasons why not to and it can be found on Dr. Laura Schlessingers "reading corner" she has 10 million listeners a day and I haven't seen a dime in the last three years....oh Im sorry they just sent a check for $1.28. These people need to be...
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You can have your book re published with another publisher because you still own the rights to it. Once this is done then Authorhouse can not publish or print it again because they will be infringing upon your contract.

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#156085 Review #156085 is a subjective opinion of poster.

Author House is a legal scam | Authorhouse review from Bloomington, Indiana

THey know how to write and rewrite things to make it look like it's in your favor and really be in there's. (Author House) I paid a lot and am getting less than a $1.00 a book, yet they want me to add with them for $10.000 a good deal they say, not for me,but for them I know. They know how to legally cheat you out of your money and they get by with it. the BBB and Attorney General see nothing wrong with what they are doing. Buyer Beware! caution writers Beware I
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I heard that you can write a good book and become a millionaire




AuthorHouse is a boiler room scam operation. Random House bought them in an attempt to step into the world of self-publishing.

Unfortunately, they are sinking the good name of Random House. They will promise you absolutely anthing to get your credit card number. Most the reps do not even know that they are fronting such a scam. They lead you to the slaughter and don't know exactly how badly you will be treated.

All they want is your money. Only someone who is serving Satan can lie so much and still sleep at night. The management is fully aware and script the calls so any new employee can "sell" you a package after a short training program. If you want to throw your money away or if you want to have them pretend to be working on your book or if you want them to do nothing more than run a spell check on your text, go ahead.

As for the Hollywood Treatment package, their supposed production company (called Thru Line Entertainment) is another hoax. Oh sure, they may have a legitimate front although it too is a scam. The girl who spoke with me said that Author House and Thru Line were responsible for taking the films Proof Of Life with Russell Crow and Meg Ryan as well as the film Legally Blonde with Reeese Witherspoon from book to screen. These individuals need salvation.

I am praying that they see the light and stop their wicked deeds.

I am also praying that you find another way to chase your dream of publishing or sharing your story with the world. May the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you and may God Himself protect you from this scam.


Just one more thing. I haven't been published yet. But I have done some research. Barns and Nobel bookstores works with people who want to get published. Copy the info below and hit up their site and get some relief there too.

Publisher & Author Guidelines FAQ - Barnes & Noble › Help Desk?

Random House is big one. They have guidelines and information.

How do I submit my manuscript to Random House?

8) And remember, people no matter who, want to make money off of you. There isn't a lot of money in this racket to be had by people who are writers. It's a REALLY hard business. Stephen King is one of my guys when it comes to writing. He's successful for a reason. His words of advice

Stephen King's "Everything you need to know about writing 8) Good luck! Break a pencil.


I am so thankful that everyone posted this information. I am sorry for anyone who got scammed.

Just for the future if anyone cares, you can go to your local college and ask a lit professor or any of the amazingly tallented students to edit and correct any kind of spelling or gramar. You will have to pay them, but it won't cost a fortune. Northwestern, Loyola, any college usually will have someone tallented enough to help you if you can't do that part of editing yourself.

Again I am sorry for anyone who got taken but never pay anyone money upfront for publishing like that.


I also published a book with them,paid for social media marketing and readers digest marketing and I have not gotten any reasonable money from paid less then pound every three months.when I ask what is happening am told my book is not selling yet online it shows its a bestseller.


I thought that I will make my dreams come true when I submitted my book to AH. Last Friday, I paid them 3,000 euros for editing, book design and promotion plan.

I regret it so much that I didn't know about them before last Friday. They ripped me off bug time! And also, they told me to pay them additional 200 euros for additional word count while editing and 500 euros for submitting my book to Thruline Entertainment. They promised me that I'll be successful and that my book will be turned into a film...BULL**IT!

Altogether, I have wasted 3, 700 euros on these *** and I won't be getting any penny back.

They have edited my book in an absolutely ridiculous way and told me to edit it further myself, before submitting the final copy to them. They're an absolute joke and I don't know how they can still exist.

To anyone out there: Do not trust them!

Do not pay them any money! They will rip you off!


Guys....don't believe them,they deserved to be attacked by Osama, they plunder a lot of money from young and innocent writers. Truly bull-*** people, a curse on American soil.It's a fraud company, do not pay.


Does anyone research before they buy? Type AuthorHouse into a search engine and you'll see these things.

At this point, I think it's ridiculous that anyone would be shocked by this. At the end of the day, you are PRINTING your book with AuthorHouse. Publishing doesn't involve a cost.

Research. Real writers & real authors know what the publishing industry looks like.




Don't waste your money with AH. They did not edit my book properly.

Make you responsible for it being ready for print. Which it wasn't. What are you paying for? Nothing.

I wasted my money. Incompetent, over-priced scam artists.

Karma awaits these sharks. Find another way.


Thank you so much for all your comments about this! I was almost going to go to them to publish my book but I can see that I will be faking my things else where!


Hi there,the authorhouse contacted me almost 5 times now and they even phone me in london from america and they say the believe in my story and are offering me the package of £395.

Is is true?Are they fake guys?


In 2007 I used AH to self publish my experience with an angel. In less then one-hundred and twenty days, five manuscripts poured out of me.

Failing in every attempt to publish, I used AH. It was a hasty decision. I was so certain that these manuscripts were fated to be read, I used all of my money to publish. I acted too fast.

It's been five years of self editing and polishing my use of lanquage. My advice, dear forlorne sister or brother of all frustrated writers, is to save your money and read Stephen King's book, "On Writing." Truman Capote and Bad Information People are correct.

Most of us have no business writing and are just pecking at the keys. Do it the way Rowlings and Myers did, the old fashioned way, and an act of God on your side.


AH published my 3 novels. by the time they were finished i paid 9 thousand dollars.

I wanted to see them in print. I have chosen not to market my tales because of exactly what

Written By Bad Information has cited.

I know, through endless attempts at querries, that I am not the next JK Rowling-just someone who tells a good story. Save your money unless your a movie actor, a politician, or have one in a billion luck.


I was thinking about publishing with this company to. I don't know how a publisher stays in business when all this is really happening.

There are lots of books and ebooks out there that describe how to get published and market books but I've only read one that talks about what everyone here is talking about.

It's called Secrets of Self-Publishing: The View from Inside a Self-Publishing Company by Maynard Carroll. It's a short book, but makes sense out of all these complaints.


Know what you are getting into, like any other business. Authorhouse is an excellent publishing opportunity for writers if you are content at $600 to see your work published.

Yes you might make mistakes, like I did, before the final product, but the amounts were at the most a couple of $200 dollars. I didn't know the difference between proof and edit for example - so when I asked if my book had been proofed and was told yes, I happily said "Go to print". They did and there were misspelled words throughout - proofing and editing are not the same and it to a retech (re-do) to go to print. The front and back covers(which is extra at $75), but your choice are excellent on all 6 of my novels.

I had concepts, some even the photos used, and they worked with me and I really enjoy looking at my own covers. My books are now advertized on-line all over the world. I paid $250 each to have them on Kindle, Nook and ebooks - not a bad price and also all over the world. Here is my issue and what I tend to read from others who are what I'd call well versed with experience now on Authorhouse and we all tend to have issues with royalties.

I've paid to have advertised at book fairs and else where - don't waste a penny are you are amongst 40,000 other books in a magazine. I'd had great times doing my own book signings, as though advertized on B&N, Amazon and others - cannot do book signings at their stores, but done my own and meet famous, wealthy and just plain interesting folks. One can also make a good bit at the right place for a signing, but also be ready to just enjoy the time people watching, visiting or get a place with a view and relax.

My largest royalty check for a quarter has been $12. Here is the scam.

@Hayden Lee Hinton

You probably work for AuthorHouse. What is the name of your books so we can look at them on


Thanks for this site. I have been speaking with AH but was wary as I have already wasted a year (but fortunately NO money) with another company.

Hopefully, somewhere out there is an honest Publishing house.

Good luck to all you would be writers.


Authorhouse is indeed a scam!!! After doing some research they are not even actually a real publishing company. They are a third party agency who acts as a publisher and they do defraud people out of their royalties!!!


Is there anyone out there that can help me with or, refering me, a 1st time book writer, to a very good publishing company that will charge me only about $600.00 to get my book published on paperback and ebook, accept installment paym'ts until it is published, and give me 50% to 60% of my royalties w/o a hassle? Email me at

@Micheal Canady

Go to BookTango for a free published eBook. They will get it on amazon and other places completely free.

You can buy services but you don't have to. I don't and mine are on those places. All others that I have researched charge more. Lulu is free if you can do the ebook upload-more complicated than BookTango, though.

Lulu's print book is free and easy to upload.

Try BookTango if you want on amazon, one of the biggest sellers online. You have to sell the ebook yourself by word of mouth or ads if you don't spend money with them.

@Micheal Canady


you may contact me on or on skype id:golden.fleece5 in order to talk further if you wish.


Writers, don't listen to the individual who offered the post titled: Bad Information People. Need advice?

contact this person at:

Xlibris/AuthorHouse is stealing royalties form writers. That's the God's truth.


Xlibris/AuthorHouse is a scam, and it is a shame that they are allowed to continue to conduct business as usual. Who will put a stop to this?

At this point, you can't get anyone to help you. Please, please, please don't use Xlibris/AuthorHouse. from them. They will steal royalties from a newborn blessed by God.

#288505 does not charge


Some of the posts on this forum say ALL self-publishing companies are scams. That is not true, but many of the companies listed in the complaints are actually owned by the same company that owns Author House.

The main problems I have seen is because they publish you, they get a good chunk of the royalties, plus you don't have control of your book. But there are other companies out there with a much different model. Pedernales Publishing (, for example, charges a single flat fee for a hardcover, softcover, and your ebooks and they set YOU up as the publisher, so you have complete control.

They don't take a dime of your royalties, you get it instead of 10% you get 40 to 60%, depending on your book. There are other honest companies out there, look around.


Thanks - good advice. Lots of other and maybe better choices.


I will begin with saying I worked with AH for many years and have first hand knowledge of how things functioned. I am sure many will disagree with what I say, but here goes.

1. AuthorHouse is NOT a scam. It is a legitimate business. Unfortunately, it deals with a customer base that either has no business writing a book or no knowledge on how to market a book. If I had a penny each time an author said this book is a "bestseller", "I am going to be on Oprah", or "this will be a great movie" I would be a BILLIONAIRE.

What people do not understand:

1. How to send in a complete manuscript that is already edited, saved as an individual document. (not multiple files).

2. You are not paying for ONE copy of the are paying for the publishing of your book. This means people can buy your book and it is being distributed.

So before one screams scam....understand what it means to be published and understand what YOU need to do.


I`m glad I read this forum board as I have self published with Blurb and it was reasonable and good quality, then I heard of Authorhouse and how they can get your books on Amazon, W.H Smiths etc and thought it sounded good.

Now I won`t bother though and will stick with Blurb who have been excellent with my 3 books I have done through them.


they *** boyfriends father had a book published with them and they screwed him over bad :(


Don't be so fawkin ***. ALL of these vanity presses & self-publishing houses are only in it to rip you off.

If you are *** enough to send your stuff to them you deserve to get ripped off.

Duh! :upset


Oh Dear, I liked the look of these guys, now it seems they aren't quite cracked up...


Nice poem, sounds a bit like wise 'Yoda' wrote it lol.


I hate to ask this, but I wonder what publishing packages you folks all used with AuthorHouse?

I have published two novels with them. I paid around $500 each for publishing, photo rights, and minimal advertising (online bookstores without the bookseller's return option), and get a royalty of around %10.

It IS self-publishing, so a lot of my financial problems come from lack of advertising, but in my opinion I got what I paid for with my print-on-demand novels. I may not use them professionally if I want to go bigger and make more money, but if you pay the extra fees, assuming that you will get the profit back later, they are great!

I wonder if y'all could be a little more specific so we can figure this out, because AuthorHouse really did work great for me in my situation as a student just trying to get my book "out there" into my community.

@Andrea McKerlie

To Andrea McKerlie, I agree with you. too many of these complaints are not real speciffic.

I have purchaced a package plan with them that is in progress now. all have been helpful with me so far. I'm curiois to hear as to just what happened in each of these cases. Yet, being that Im already invested, Im more intrested in your experience in being successful with them, than those far less posotive ones.

What is the name of your book and where could i find it.

I'd love to be able to see how your work turned out using AH. could you please respond and let me know?

Thank you, Barb


Wow. I'm so glad I read about the Authorhouse scam.

I almost published with them, and my fiance told me not to.

Wow. Guess he was right.


I am so thankful GOD givesus wisdom to research with patience. I almost gave themmy credit card today, but I decided to look up others. This is my 2nd book, my first was published with Xlibris, trying tosee how that is going

. However Imust say so for they have been very helpful. Book is on barnes & Noble, Amazon, and a six other places I know of. We'll see how the royalties go, and my being able to access web info.

I do not like the fact they get 25% of a book I workedhardfor,live and learn.

I am thinking about going with OUTSKIRTS does anyone know about them? UNSURE



hi everybody . i'm trying to find a company to publish my poetry book.. does anyone know a laget company who doesn't make me pay anything?? if so comtact me at or laura harto on face book

thank you very much :?


AuthorHouse is cheating me also. Please note: I did contact the Attorney General's office pertaining.

Conclusion: don't waste your time. I even made contact with the FBI online complaint site...nothing. When humans can't or refuse to assist others when they know they are being cheated; that's when I turn to God.

Trust, it may take some time, but this too shall pass. Some may think it funny, but God always has the last say!


I am only 10 and I wrote a 60- page book. I went to authorhouse and they said i needed to pay 2,000 dollars to publish one copy of this book.

Then later my mom's friend told them it was a scam! Just like the 809 phone scam!

Goodness! :(


I am only 10 and I wrote a 60- page book. I went to authorhouse and they said i needed to pay 2,000 dollars to publish one copy of this book.

Then later my mom's friend told them it was a scam! Just like the 809 phone scam!

Goodness! :(


author house do you have pride at all how come you are living on other peoples sweat and hard work


I learnt too late that AuthorHouse is toxic, and one of the nastiest scams I’ve dealt with in my life.

My publishing *** with Authorhouse started on 24 May 2010 through a misleading website called, which is a bogus fraud site funnelling unsuspecting authors towards AuthorHouse and their partner scams. My first mistake – I gave them my contact details. I was conned into paying them around $1000 to publish my first book which I was told would be available at Amazon. The result was a shoddy, poorly produced *** book which no reader would waste their time with. The book is still not available at Amazon or anywhere – I just get excuses.

Authorhouse is a scam, and they have stolen my dollars and succeeded in rubbishing of my work, that has left me deflated and completely disillusioned.

AuthorHouse should change their name to AuthorScam. These fraudsters have turned fraud into an artform, and it’s time for government agencies to start taking a look at AuthorHouse and their partner companies, iUniverse, Trafford and Xlibris.

If you’re a writer reading this: this is your wake up call. AUTHORHOUSE IS A HORRIFIC SCAM. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR MONEY.


I got called by them and they wanted me to make a deal in a week with 500 quid and they said if i didn't i'd have to pay more and they said it'll be in waterstones, but i am unsure so i thought i'd call waterstones to see if they had any involvement with authorhouse and to see what the deal is behind coz they are asking for money off me, but didn't explain what they will do with the money they're taking from me.

They never said about promotion or advertising which i think is very important



Authorhouse is the best choice for you! They will steal your royalties and you won't get your book in actual stores unless you have the book in hand when you walk into a ma and pa shop, but if you just want to have a published book, I reccomend AH all the way. They're quick to get the job done!!!


I am thinking of going to Author House to publish my first book. All I want to know is if they are reliable and honorable. I am not too interested in royalties as I just want to acomplish a dream, to see my book in a shop, to know I wrote that and be proud, if it sells well or not.


Authorhouse is a real scam they take advantange of the most vulnerable and rookies in publishing business they steal royalties as well its a pity i hope the law gets hold of them soon


Thanks for posting this, I got a call from them yesterday inviting me to be an author. Glad I did not call back.


I am amazed at the number of grammatical and spelling errors in these comments. If the people writing them are authors questioning their royalty cheques, perhaps they should firstly look at what they are selling - their writing skills.


Two hours ago I talked to someone from AH about my childrens book which they contacted me over useing them as my publisher. I'm still in the process of writing my books and doing research on public and self publishing companies.

I'm very thankful I came across this site and all of your comments...Thank you!!! :grin


Jimmy, unfortuantely some idiots apparently have nothing else to do except post assinine comments just to show their ignorance. I agree 100% with your comment.


I am shocked by some of the obnoxious comments, I don't anyone has right to call another person ignorant or dumb etc etc, as sometimes if you have a passion undertake something such as being a writer, not everyone knows how to research the relevant information effectively, why not give advice and help, we cannot all have the same level of "savvy"; I HATE IGNORANT PEOPLE THAT THINK THEY KNOW IT ALL AND PROBABLY THEY REALLY KNOW NOTHING about how to communicate with people with compassion and empathy we all make mistakes therefore if you do not have anything constructive to say just SHUT THE *** UP.


For those people who instantly believed that AuthorHouse is a scam...Y'all are SUCKERS! Are you guys even sure that these "so-called" authors are with AuthorHouse?

Guess what? NOT! Maybe just one of them and he even called a previous author of ours and was given a good reference. And I agree with "I hate idiots"--if you don't get royalties, htat means that you don't sell anything.

As simple as that. Or maybe your book is ***. Can't take a comment like that? Tough!

Go get a life, instead of influencing other authors with your negativity. As for those who actually believed this ***, y'all are big time suckers!

NOTE: If AuthorHouse has been scamming people like what Jenl and all the other idiots say, then don't you think that Sen. Lugar and all the other politicians who published with them do something about it?

Think people, THINK!!

Oh and BTW, Y'all can get sued for libel and such because of all that you said. You can be tracked.






I am blown away by people who are dumb. To the so called authors who have posted negative remarks on this site about AuthorHouse--you are all idiots.

AuthorHouse is a POD self publisher. They will publsih you no matter waht. They will publish terrible books and they have published numerous famous, bestselling books. If you publish with them and you are not receiving royalties--gues what?

You are not selling books! Period. So, don't negatively influence people who could use AuthorHouse services for help on sellign their books. You are ruining the chances of numerous would be authors becuase you are just an ***.

Instead of spending all this energy on badmouthing AuthorHouse, why don't you go out and market your book.

Then you would sell books and AuthorHouse would send you royaltiy checks. AAHH!!


My book was published in December 2009.

I have closely monitored all transactions. So far I have found the people at Author House a pleasure to do business with and;therefore, would reconmnmend them to anyone.


Please remove my message from your board. I did not realise that the address etc would be displayed. Privacy is breached.


I had heard something about this but was waiting for the matter to go to court. Is this likely? My book ius iwht the production team now.

New Author


yes. it is a scam. kind of. more like a kfc double down. it looks awesome, but in reality, it will do very bad things to your insides.

they make their money off of would-be authors that pay exhorbitant amounts of money for "publishing packages" and then push for add ons. they don't even read the books, but editing is extra, a custom cover is extra, marketing is extra. everything is extra.

i think they charged 2 grand for a new york times ad, but required that 12 different books (12 x 2 grand) would be placed in the ad that cost 8 grand total, making AH a profit of around 16 grand for each ad. in about a year of doing NYT ads, maybe a dozens books were sold from placing the ads.

most of the layout and design is done in india, for which authorhouse pays about 30 bucks for each custom cover and 30 bucks for book formatting that costs the author about 1500 bucks.

they had a contest for the "best seller" for each quarter and i think the book that won sold maybe 47 copies.

the only books that have sold more than a hundred copies are those that the authors have done relentless promotion on. not AH.

some people have had great experiences there, but the vast majority of authors get a pretty good hosing.


"ignorance of the process is not an excuse"

you are just so ignorant on how everything works in publishing. you are only thinking about the money.

but you did not even try and check if your manuscript is worthy to be read.

don't blame it to the company if you can't write a good book. they got a lot of successful authors but are you worthy to be included?

try to ask these things to yourself first before posting something.


think first if your book is worth to be read. you always complain without trying to assess first if readers really like your book or not.

if you try to check thier website, they have a lot of successful authors. then try to check your own work if its worth to be included.


I don't understand why you people think they haven't paid royalies? They're a POD, so if you check with the printer, you can see how many books have been printed and therefore how many you've sold.

Of course, it can't be that any of your books are rubbish can it?

What have you done to try to sell your books? :x



Legal scam seems like a pretty serious charge. Please forward me your evidence and I will investigate your issues. I can be reached at kgray at authorhouse dot com.


Kevin A. Gray

PR Manager



I'm a student and want to publish my book. i used a site and it came up with authorhouse. i'm currently corresponding with someone from authorhouse, but thanks to this, i'm probably not going to use them.


Thank you all for sharing your comments. I am definitely not publishing with them. Despite whatever circumstance, Best of luck to you all!


Great news!!! There are several federal agencys that are investigation AH.

If they are keeping royalties, they will be found out about shortly. Aparantly, they have ways of tracking sales without AH even knowing about it!!!!


Below is my copyrighted poem that is all over the Internet, I placed it here for our power, and I put it on the back of my book, so many UK bookstores advertise and have hundreds to sell, even though I apparently sold none, and it was out of print in 2006. The story has just begun to evolve...

PS, Plain and simple thoughts, are only for good to be, to make good better, better we will see. The world is ours, in between us, they, you and me, will travel beyond, learn you'll see. See hope and want, to fulfill the days ahead, receive and have unkowningly we are lead. Plain and simple actions occur, as plain and simple thoughts evolve. Our thoughts predict intention, actions, reactions, and reinforcements, all that we give and recieve. Positive condiered intent, just predicts a smile to be.



This is a campain, lets forget about the law suits, it's just not worth it any longer. If you even suspect that AH is keeping royalties, call the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-FTC-HELP.

Let's nail them!!! They are alreday investigating AH, but they will take it more seriously with more phone calls!!!


Hi i am from Delhi (india) author housed approached me telling me that if i pay 700 pounds they will provide editing and distribution services when i asked them that my Novel is in (Hindi) still they keep me telling that they have office in Mumbai (bombay) may be because i am in delhi.... the caller was really desperate in knowing my book. this made me doubtful i tried to do some search thanks a lot of you guys for putting your views and bad experiences ....


Mr. Robinson,

I just filed an online complaint with the FTC. Let's hope all of this will pay off!!!


I didn't believe any of you until today. I figured that you were all just venting because your books weren't selling, no offence!

I sold at least 10 copies of my book. I know this for sure!!! I'm getting money for 2 books in December.

Not 10!!! They're keeping royalties!


I wrote my autobiography and made a huge mistake in using 'Authorhouse'. I get hardly any money for book sales as 4 out of 5 times they did not pay me my Royalties, and at the time of writing this I am still owed money even though I have cancelled my contract and have re-published my book.

Heed this letter and the many others on blog sites.

Take your money elsewhere and tel your friends to do likewise. The only way to beat these scammers is to tell the world.




i have been dealing with authorhouse as the publishers of my 1st book. I have found that they are not to be trusted, nor careful, nor considerate in their dealings with myself as the paying and aspiring author.

I intend to lodge my observations and complaints on the Internet in some detail and wonder if this Website would be an associate partner in this discussion of what should a publishing company really be doing with its publication process in regards to the book and the author.

norry hughes sevastopol


What they are doing is not legal. The reason government agencies haven't taken steps to put an end to Authorhouse fraudulant activities lies in the complacency of the IRS, the Federal Trade Commission and all agencies who are supposed to protect us from the kind of tactics that today are so common. The Federal Trade commission, much to their credit, has in fact, sent me a letter, telling me that a file has been opened up concerning Authorhouse. They would now like to hear from those who feel they have been scammed by this company. The address is as follows.

Federal Trade Commission

Consumer Response Center

600 Pensylvania Avenue, NW

Washington, DC 20580

PS. It wouldn't hurt if you sent copies of all those who have posted their experience on websites such as this on.

Want to turn on the heat? GET CRACKING.

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