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I’m just in the beginning phase and after listening to other companies I’m finding AuthorHouse refreshing. I’m looking forward to the publishing of my (and my illustrators) first book

Product or Service Mentioned: Authorhouse Publishing Service.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Authorhouse Pros: Excited to be helped during process.

Authorhouse Cons: Excited to get started.

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Oh dear.......give it time and you'll change your opinion. Read the book The Authorhouse Scam and you'll realise what you're into.

They publish anything....they're after money not good literature. They don't care if you sell one book because they don't sell your book to others....only back to you. They withhold royalties, fail to answer emails, break the contract, scam people into spending thousands which brings no result at all, do little effective marketing , have a disgraceful editing and proofreading service which leaves glaring errors. You tell them about the errors but they don't correct them but then charge you for correcting them later when you point it out.

They are not called vanity publishers for no reason. Run while you have time.

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