Danger! Beware the Author House fraud. submitted a manuscript for publication and paid $3000 It is now 3 years later I am still in the author proof phase.

I have encountered the most ridiculous obstacles. I will mention only the "highlights". I had to submit the book 5 times due to "technology problems". That was the excuse given

Once the manuscript was received, the sales rep informed me that they could not find it and could not accept documents in Microsoft Word. After 7 emails, and explaining this over and over again, and insisting this was in their own guidelines I gave up and spent another $80 to have them "correct" my "mistakes".

I sent in the revised manuscript the "editor" kept saying he was very concerned about my font choice Ariel and that this was another "mistake" I would need to pay to "fix"

One month later I was informed that they had not received the manuscript and, by the way, my sales rep had gone on holiday. I was assigned a new rep who quit the company 3 days later.

I had resubmit the whole lot again, wait 5 more weeks to get the proofs back.

You guessed it... over 90 "publisher errors" in addition to my 20. The publisher errors included d run-on sentences, squashed together type, different colored fonts, random different fonts, smudged ink and removal of paragraph spacing. And, my original design cover was no where to be seen. The Design Team had created a bizarre cover with a rose on it that had nothing to do with my book.

They told me I would have to pay for each individual error if I wanted them corrected before they put the book up on Amazon. Well I was in tears but I paid all the money.

I protested the cover change. When I got the final galley back last week, 29 of the orginal errors had not been corrected. And, a few new ones had been added. Again they said I must pay or have them in the Amazon version.

I have never received one penny in royalties not even for the copies my family bought. .

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Kevin Gray is only pretending he gives a *** so that anyone reading this will think it is a one off incident and not the continuous scam it is.He knows potential victims read here and get put off.

He isn't posting to help the scamed people at all he's just pretending.

He is just hoping to lure in more victims by pretending that he will ever pay royalties owed or ever do anything honest.He never will help with anything.

They don't take the authors payment or books or anything seriously they only take bleeding wannabe writers of every penny they can seriously and Kevin Gray is here to try to mislead more potential victims by pretending.

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Kevin Gray

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