I never got paid the royalties for my books.I was able to buy my books from Amazon for less than I could buy my discounted books at AuthorHouse

So I bought books from Amazon and was supposed to be paid royalties from them and never got royalties on books bought by me or my friends. They have said that they would send me a check but they never have.They keep passing me on from one person to the next. Then they say they will investigate to see whether a check was cut or not. Then they will investigate to see if the check was cashed or not.

They have been saying this %^&* for three years I would never suggest anyone choose them to do business with Author House this is a scam,

Review about: Authorhouse Publishing Service.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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Anglet, Aquitaine, France #898892

Kevin Gray is a liar trying to scam more people with this terrible scam


You are SUCH a liar Kevin Gray.Every branch of your scam company does this passing people around thing.

You INSTRUCT yous staff to do it. The exact same thing happened to my father, pass around pass around pass around and say they will "investigate if a check was cut, if a check was cashed." And I live in another country from the OP. This is fraud on a massive international scale. You instruct your staff to lie and pass people around like a game to avoid payment.

You are a theif and a conman.

The ONLY reason Kevin Gray is here posting he will help is NOT because he wants to help any of his clients stolen from but because he wants more suckers to read this and imagine it was a one off case that he's trying to help with.

It is not.

This is standard scam practice from Author House, Author Solutions and all their other branches.These people all belong in prison.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #730108


We take the payment of author royalties seriously and would be happy to provide you with royalty and payment reports for your book. Please feel free to send me an email at kgray at authorsolutions dot com with your name, Project ID, and best email and phone numbers at which to contact you and we will be in touch. Thank you.


Kevin Gray

Author Solutions

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