I urge all those who have had any unfavorable dealings with Author-house, to send letters detailing your problem to state and federal consumer fraud agencies. If enough people complain, like the squeeky wheel that always gets the grease, they will investigate the situation.

It wouldn't hurt if you copied all other complaints you find on different web sites, and send them along with your letter. Maybe we'll never see justice. But we might be able to save other aspiring authors from suffering the same fate as so many others. I'm a sixty year old guy who has always been extremely cautious.

This is the first time I've ever been taken for more than nickels and dimes. I guess when you want something so much. You have a tendency to want to believe. Believe in the honesty and integrity of those you deal with.

I should have known better.

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Well, I don't know exactly what is going on with those who are complaining, because no specifics of the exact problem have been given. I was shocked to learn that the IsBN whatever number belongs to them and not to me, but, again, I haven't thoroughly checked this out.

I withdrew from a paid deal in Los Angeles and a lot of my money was kept as a fee of some sort, but I guess it's a risk I took. I don't know if these publisherf "scam" or not, because the publishing business is as ruthless as any other, and Author beware stands as true as the phrase, Buyer beware. Maybe we do it to ourselves because we're poor and hope our book is a huge success. But unless a writer compromises on the values of integrity, etc., and writes 5 pages of sex and filth, 2 pages of plot, 10 pages of sex and filthy immoratlity.......you get the picture:-- A pay-to-you publisher won't touch your book.

I'm reserving judgement until I have all the facts. Yes, my first book of my series was published in 2003, and I got diddley-squat for it. All those who've read my series loved it.

So there you are. Norma A.Vincent


Yupe - I can relate. They are well behind in paying my royalties.

Usually I receive a check at the end of Feb, May, Aug, and Nov. Nothing this time around. Since I am right down the road form them in Bloomington, I plan on paying them a visit. Things I plan to discuss: Why they do not return emails or phone calls, why suddenly no royalities, and suddenly, I find out they made an e book version of my book, but hav eprovided no details as to how people can otain it.

A warning to all who are looking at starting a self-published book.

Steer clear of AuthorHouse!!! It has been nothing short of a miserable experience working with this proto-criminal organization.


I too had a book published by AuthorHouse, although they were then trading as 1stBooks Library. I found them most unsatisfactory to deal with and they kept selling books long after I had finished dealing with them - Royalties?

What royalties?

All I received were two checks for about $1.75, one of which I have had framed! Checking on the 'Net I saw my book for sale in book retailers in various countries...but received no royalties from these printings.

My advice is to steer clear of these POD publishers and avoid being "bitten"!


I'm a published author by Authorhouse I received only 3 to 4 royalties from them back in 2004-2005 after that no more royalties.

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