Authorhouse is definiteiy a scam. I do believe it is time that government agencies take a good look at Authorhouse and the publish on demand industry as a whole.

If anyone believes they have a legitimate case. I suggent that you contact your elected representatives and every state and federal agency you can think of. Consumer protection, even the Internal Revenue. Let's face it.

There's not one government agency who gives a hoot about us. But if we can approach this scam from the standpoint of the IRS losing tax dollars. Then maybe, just maybe, they will take action. I have written off my book and my loss.

If we together can stop Author-house and other self publishing companies like them from bilking others, then we will have at least achieved some level of justice. Alone we can never hope to receive results. But together, we can be a force for change. Because there's millions of dollars involved here.

I'm sure the IRS would be interested. It only takes a few minutes of your time to drop these agencies an e-mail.

And the satisfaction you received will be more than worth the time.

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Please e mail me at rlmarburg1@hotmail.com Thank you.


I am the author of the screamed evil written in 2010 I was told they make dreams come true a mistake and a nightmare was more like it just look at the cover alone will sale this book 5 and 4 stars everywhere on the web a scam that an understatement check out the book email groomsjamie72@yahoo.com

Perth Amboy, New Jersey, United States #1055740

Authorhouse got ahold of my Paypal card. My Mom was right.


Contact Amazon.

Richardson, Texas, United States #1048963

I have published with AuthorHouse since 2006, and I am very happy with my results. My book is Blacks in the Bible and I average about 250.00 a quarter, my highest quarter was over $500.00.

to James Warden #1064683

@ JW: Then why visit a site titled "Pissed Consumer?" Are you sure you're not more of an AH agent/operative? Don't answer that, it's rhetorical.


I have proof man!


i'm grateful for the heads-up!


I regret that I published with Author House as they are very dishonest.

Author House failed to pay 125,000 authors since 2007 until now.

Please contact me if you wish on skype golden.fleece5

to Anonymous #1064687

125,000 authors??? Really???

Really wished I had did some research on AH prior to sending them $.

The interest alone they make on our dollars... that greedy reason alone should tug their conscience to mail us back our principle.



I published with Author House late 2007 and 2008 I cancelled

the publication rights and Author House is still selling/renting

my book in over than 100 countries without my permision.

In addition, I haven't been paid for 8 years now.

We may discuss further if you wish to contact me by email pegasus@golden-fleece-international.com.au, by skype:golden.fleece5 or by phone +61 422 352 433

to Anonymous #1064690

I canceled the contract with them too, YET, me still see my novella on Amazon. How???...when I took it off the market! Who's benefiting from a book "I" wrote and took of the market???

to Yaa-777 #1064692


Ironwood, Michigan, United States #969319

There is a Class Action lawsuit pending against Penquin, iUniverse, AuthorHouse and others where their purpose is to get money FROM the author and not FOR the author. Contact the lawfirm of Giskan Solotaroff Anderson & Stewart, LLP; 11 Broadway, Suite 2150; New York, NY 10004.

Telephone 646-366-5140. I spoke with one of their associates on March 19, 2015.

to Allen #1055649

hi allen...thanks for the info..not sure if I am in the midst of this scam...if you can share your experience with the law firm and if there are fees. I can be reached at siobheanf@hotmail.com

Vineland, New Jersey, United States #947087

Hello everyone I couldn't help but to notice that everyone seem to be upset about author house... I'm new I wrote a book and contacted author house publishing company .. I'm to send them money today along with my manuscript is this a good Idea why or why not help me ..

to munchie #1114011

Well, the site is called "pissedconsumer", so yeah, there probably are quite a few people upset about this....

I was scammed by one of Author House's sister companies, XLibris, bad mistake. Don't make the same one w/Author House , do not send them or any of the Author Solutions companies your $$$$$$.

Why these companies are still in business I don't know.

Lawrenceburg, Indiana, United States #913100

They have had my first book for two years now and I see used copies for sale all over the world. I have made exactly 80.00 so far on this book. I was *** enough to send them Part II of that series but they won't get anymore.

to queenie Ibadan, Oyo, Nigeria #930878

Collate your sales status reports from the retailers online with best selling, best seller, sales rank and different adjectives. Compile those with the phrase "Customers who bought this also purchased..

and then involve your lawyers to prepare a document where your claims are calculated based on the definitions of wikipedia to have your result.

mail the documents to their office and wait for the next step. Legal actions with proofs of sales would forced them to pay all your dues.

Anderson, Indiana, United States #849345

My first quarter income was pathetic! I could not buy a book of stamps with it!

Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #804324

Authorhouse gets a book published with an actual ISBN number. The rest are just sales gimmick, but so is buying a new car. Authorhouse works

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