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AuthorHouse has stolen from me. I paid them $4,000 in late November, 2013 to edit my manuscript, and until this day they have not delivered anything. I filed a claim for credit with American Express, but the company responded that I had violated their cancellation policy. In other words, they claim that I cancelled a contract just because I was trying to get my money back! It has been impossible to talk to anyone; the account representative no longer answers the telephone calls.

Can they get away with keeping my money without delivering the services I contracted for? Is this not blatant theft?

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Be careful of claims that they don't set deadlines for sending in manuscripts and pressure to pay ridiculous amounts of money to publish them. Something must be wrong for them to ask for money.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada #810001

On April 9th, as a result of claim I placed with the BBB, the company came back with an offer to refund me 90% of the fee I paid, as they realized that they had no case. I accepted the offer because I need the money and lawyers would cost more.

However, I ended up paying $400 for nothing and I have yet to see the money refunded. I write to them every week and they keep telling me that they're waiting for their bank to credit back the money that I paid to them!

As a result of all of this, they get to keep my money for five months and I still have to pay them $400 for nothing!

London, England, United Kingdom #799908


Have exactly the same problem, I sent them $5000 for the Hollywood Treatment. What a joke, they make stiff up, then when you get your screenplay back anyone could have written it.

When you try to make changes they are not interested and it takes 3/4 times as long as they said it would.

I am English and have filed a legal case against them with the local District Attorney. A to Zee Across America.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #799534


Yes, it is theft, and as a writer and editor, I often hear of these upstart companies doing just what you've described. It's awful too, especially after working so darn hard on writing a book.

I just was logging into this site to post my complaint on being debited $79.00 by Redbox dvd rental kiosks and I just happened onto your post. I'm sorry you got ripped off. That's terrible! I am an editor, and recently retired so I edit in my spare time just to keep my brain active.

I also write and publish books myself.

I've taken and gotten A's in 34 English classes during my 14 years of college. I do edit for only $7.00 per 1000 words, which is half the going rate for editors. I also do final Proof Reads for $4.00 per 1000 words as well.

I will find ALL errors and spelling mistakes, or the 'our' versus 'hour' type of errors so common to eBook self publishers. I can honestly say, I do know English and Grammar darn near inside and out.

I've edited nearly all genre's as well, except for Supernatural. I just can't stay focused on that genre.

I know well, and do use MS Word 2013, Track Changes, etc etc. I've been using MS Word since it first came out. I could buy a nice used motorhome for what I've spent on Word software. I have also studied in 3 classes in Writing Theory using Blackwell's Guide to Writing Theory, and the other 3 classes used John Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism.

Give me a chance. I can save you money, and you won't get screwed either. Turn around time is usually dependent on wordcount. 30-40,000 words takes less than 10 days and 100-110,000 takes about 2.5 weeks for a good first edit.

A second edit is usually much quicker, and I charge by time at that point. I price fairly, and don't gouge writers like so many other editors will do. Sometimes turn around time is less, sometimes more, depending on the writer's needs and writing skills. Let me know, misscus1951 at gmail dot com.

Thank you, and best of luck getting your money back from those shysters!

I hope you do. Phyllis Anne http://www.pissedconsumer.com/reviews-by-company/authorhouse/authorhouse-stole-4-000-20140325480511.html# (on Facebook as Phyllis Anne also, but it says I live out of country, but I don't and FB won't fix it.)


If they gave you contract copies and certain paper work when you paid, you should be able to present that in court and get your money back.

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