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I terminated the contract last year with Authorhouse and in writing they agreed to take my book off 21 websites and not sell anymore. They were making the money and I made $2.34 twice in 3 yrs.

They sold thousands of books.

Since then just to see I had several friends go on those sites and buy the book. I just book my own book lsat week off I got it in 2 days. I paid a lot. This has got to stop.

Everyone out there, help me find an attorney that will do a class action suit.

And a TV show like 20/20 that will pick up the story. Please let me know

thanks you

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Go on every media outlet and tell your story. I also suspect AH of not providing accurate royalty checks.

Do not rely on their internal auditing system or their internal anything. Perhaps the Attorney General can assist you.

If you can expose a scam on national media that would be best. AH has the right initials for the way they operate, and I don't mean Always Helpful!


I just pray these people dance to the music their playing. I read a number of reviews and 95% are about how they were ripped off.


I hope you get the justice you deserve from these scammers. The only kind of people I hate more than thI eve's is child abusers and murderers.

You have my sympathy. Go on the website, "Writer Beware" before you enter a writing contest or submit a manuscript to anyone else.

The website has a list of literary scam contests and shady publishers. I hope you get the legal help you deserve.


Yes i too only got $2.34 for all the books sold. only one check ever came.

This is no less than robbery. However I am not interested in pursuing Authorhouse. If YOU are, however, I advise you not to look for help online but visit an attorney or lawyer elsewhere, have them review your case. If he believes you have a decent chance to win the case, proceed with a lawsuit.

However I am pretty sure that there is some loophole somewhere in some contract that will not allow you to successfully form a lawsuit against Authorhouse. If you do decide to go ahead with a lawsuit, please inform me by the following e-mail as I would like to know how the case went and what the chances are that other authors such as me can too, get their money.


These idiots are criminals who harbor criminals! I had someone publish a book about ME, with pictures of ME, in MY name and in MY social security number!

I told this frauds and they responded once, then tried to avoid me. I then sent them proof of my identity, more than they needed, and instead of giving me an upright response, they said they would look into the matter and need "ample time." So, a month goes by and I wrote them for an update; they haven't responded in over a week. If nothing else, since I proved who I was, they should let me end the selling of this book or see the checks issued to and cashed in my name, but they won't.

NEVER use this company!!! Boycott them and send them out of business for being ***


They always say "we will look into the matter" that's just one of their scam tactics to make you go away. They never follow through as they do not care about anything but scamming money for the Maf-ia.

You should ring the police if they even published your social security number. This is a police matter now in my opinion.


I am about to sign up with AuthorHouse. These reviews are not very encouraging.

I'd hate to part with my money if they are not reputable. Thanks for your in-put

@Lucy Venditti

No vanity publisher is "reputable" real authors get paid by their publishers they don't pay, they just only get a small percentage of the money a book makes and that's how the publishers get their money. That's why publsihers only take 3% or less of manuscripts sent to them because they know most won't sell.

However you can possibly make some money with the new free self publishing on Smashwords where you don't have to pay anything.


I posted in another complaint in regards to these kind of companies. They only care about one thing, your money.

Before the wool was pulled from my eyes, I thought how awesome it was to actually be published, all I have to do is give them a lot of money, and they do the rest for me. Yeah, okay. Until a well known author who is self-published informed me of these vanity publishing companies. Ever since then, I have done my research, informed myself of what I need to do.

I would spend a lot less self-publishing and doing marketing work, than having to spend so much in a company that is just wanting to take my money and shut me out.

There's many Facebook groups who actually have their own editors, agents, beta readers.

I belong to quite a few, and I'm sure when the time comes to publish, I won't have that much of hard time looking for help. I wish all these authors the best in their writing, and I hope they wise up to these kind of scams.

@Lucy Venditti

Do not deal with Author House Publishing. They had did the same to me,I just so happen to stubble across this, I can be reached @

@Lucy Venditti

Me to Lucy! My agent has been there on me.

They have made the cover if my book without consulting me. Hummmm

Thanks for the info!


Dear: Ascender the best way to make this people to respond is to put a compalint with Jin Donovan from CBS 3 and they will make this info public on TV at 11:00PM on the news entell this people respond to you


Hi there,

If you find out any way of getting these people let me know please. I know people who have bought my book and not received royalties. In fact I can no longer log into my author page on their site,


@Janet Daish

I've head that many many times on these complaints that they disable people's ability to get into their author page on the site once they have the money and the authors are complaining. These things they do are not one offs they are all part of an regulated scam. Xlibris is connected to the Maf-ia.


okay first of all WHICH MAFIA? There's the Italian Mafia, the Russian, several Chinese Mafia's, the Mexican Mafia?

I agree with allot of your comments and people do tend to scam unsuspecting citizens, but your complaint isn't very accurate.

Also, I would advise you in the future as I am doing now, to read the contract, do your research and type up REVIEWS for said company such as Authorhouse before you sign a written agreement/contract where several thousand dollars in liquid asset form are being sent to them.

I really hope you get the dispute settled but for goodness sake, part away from the millions of Americans who choose not to research nor read anything before making a decision.