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I am a new author and when I contacted Author house I was promised so many good service about how my book would be marketed to more than 500 outlets like news papers, radio stations etc.NOBODY WAS INTERESTED IN MY BOOK?

Did they really send it? Then they pushed me to print 3000 copies and then they will market my book but the copies must be in a store in the USA...

That is dead stock.

I will tell everybody please do not waist your money on false promises because they are not interested in you or your book but only in how much you can pay them for what they want.

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Decatur, Alabama, United States #783479

I too was taken in by Authorhouse...for almost $5,000.


Also if you somehow got a black hat list of emails to spam from somewhere (which probably wouldn't be hard if you look around) you could easily sent out 701 dumb spam emails about your book yourself without paying thousands of dollars for it, and have people ignore that.This scam is such a joke.

700 isn't even all that many. The Nigerians who do the Nigerans scams send out emails to tens of thousands of people to try to get a hit on some sucker.

There are computer programs that do this.Author House is probably too cheap to buy one.


Author House no perfectly well that sending a spam email about a vanity published book to 705 or whatever companies will result in no interest from any company.They may or may not have actually bothered to do it but either way it would probably get no response, people delete nonsense spam and no one is interested in vanity published books.

Author House/Xlibris etc...

all know this perfectly well but they just want to bleed as much money as they can from, their victims.


That was meant to be Google Xlbiris no Xlbirs Never to see the video it is the same company as Author House under a different scamming name.


No Sonja it was never sent or it was sent as spam email that would go immediately to spam folders and be deletd and Kevin Gray and all the scammmer that work at these companies all know this. Do yoou know Author House has many different names they scam people under.

Another is Xlbris.

Good Xlibris No Xlbris Never and you will see a youtube video with an old woman telling the exact same story as you. Kevin and her cronies are doing this scam all over the world and the books get used to launder money for the Mafia. It is fraud on a grand scale.

Kevin is only here to try and do damage control because he wants potential victims reading here to think he cares.


Kevin Gray is just pretending he gives a *** so that anyone reading this will think it is a one off incident and not the continuous scam it is.He knows potential victims read here and get put off.

He isn't posting to help the scam people at all he's just pretending.

He is just hoping to lure in more victims by pretending that he will ever pay royalties owed.He never will help with anything.


Good day,my book is published by authorhouse,how can my book be available on kindle.?Rachel


I did call numerous times over the past two year with hopes of seeing royalties.Instead I continue to get the same response.

I really don't understand how a business calls and confirms they followed through and later learn it wasn't completed at all!Endless disappointment.

to wheretoturn Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, United States #772457

Where to turn, get in touch with Giskan, Solotaroff, Anderson Stewart LLP. They are out of New York and looking into a Class Action lawsuit against Authorhouse. Put your name in if you feel you have been scammed.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #730097

Good afternoon,

If you have concerns about your book or your marketing services, please send us your name, book title, current phone number and email address to kgray at authorsolutions dot com.


Kevin Gray


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