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I had 1st book in series published through a local publisher. After a disagreement, I went to Author House for 2nd in series.

I asked point blank if I would get a copy to review before the book was released so I could see if I was satisfied with quality etc. I had with book 1 and told them I wanted it with this book too. They swore I would. I got an email version of book asking if it "looked ok".

I'd looked it over a little, and next day get ANOTHER phone call from them pressing me to say it looked good. If I went ahead and said layout looks fine they'd send 5 free books to me. I said I'd not had a chance to read it through or anything but layout was fine I guessed. I asked about when I'd receive copy of actual book to look over and was told they'd be sending me one.

Then I go on Facebook and see where a friend of mine has already ordered a copy! I was appalled that the rest of the world would get to see MY book in print before I DID! I contacted Author house and they said, oh you approved it. We did send you book.

I said NO. I got an email of my book and was harassed to ok the LAYOUT before I even had time to look at it well. I reminded them I was told I'd get a physical copy to look over before it'd be made available to public. They said oh well, we'll send you 5 MORE books as an apology.

When I finally got books, to found NUMEROUS printing errors that THEY made (starting next paragraph at end of same line previous paragraph ends on for example so one paragraph starts on same line previous paragraph ends on. This happened A LOT among other things). I checked manuscript I sent them. My copy wasn't showing the mistakes.

It was THEIR mistakes. Yet, they argued that I authorized it so I was screwed. They won't fix it, and will charge me to have text "modified" now. I'm going back with first publisher for book #3 and am getting book #2 republished through her too.

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Product or Service Mentioned: Authorhouse Publishing Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I had seen this with my buddy who wrote A Dark Obituary For A Common Man and with The Everborn when Nicholas Grabowsky was with 1st Books. I knew about the company via AuthorsDen.com.

Many authors who worked with Author Solutions I took in with my imprint as an anthologist. I worked with the lead author on Quakes and Storms as he was on iUniverse.com.

One of the authors this one took aim at -- https://encyclopediadramatica.rs/Vanity_Press they took digs at me but hated the fact I was brutal with when I fought back. An Eye In Shadows is published with The Book Patch and I have sent Author House/Author Solutions a copy of The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five.


We're sorry that you had a poor experience with us. Please feel free to send us an email at ComplaintsResponses@authorhouse.com so we can look more closely into your case.


I have a suggestion, I worked with their free outfit Booktango.com and I used them as a billboard for The Book Patch. I paid $6.70 for one copy of my publication and I did a challenge to the Author Solutions Staff -- all the disgruntled employees and authors who they screwed get to tell their stories at the 2100-6800 word range as I gave Thomas McKinley the account at The Book Patch and bought the ISBN for him at ISBNServices.com.

I seen his facebook page and my author page are about evenly matched. Linkedin.com I see more followers than my boss (he deserves at least 13,000 for this. The Book Patch's twitter has 84,000 followers. ) You will need a pdf splitter and if you have LibreOffice -- play around with the original odt of it and do some typesetting.

I will get you in touch with my artist from Tales of the Talisman to handle the treatment. Nicholas Grabowsky was with 1st Books as is Ron Dondiego who became part of my second namesake project.