I'd read countless of negative comments online about Author House but I was skeptical to believe those at first, but now I believe everything I read about this criminal organization. They are shameful comments, so they should be ashamed. But they are not because they are psychopaths. After I published a book , three years later I contacted them to ask for my royalty. They said, there was an outstanding balance that needed to be paid and because of that the book was never published.

That was a lie I paid the publishing fee in full,

After going through all the e-mails that I received from the different people working for the scam company, they made me talk to 11 different people in the company each one saying they were not the right person to speak to about royalties.

As it turns out, they are selling my book. They lied. Are they thieves or what? I know people that have purchased my book before and after I asked them,to pull my book they refuse.

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What I have read is that they backed by the Mafia,Rainey.The Mafia organized crime ring use Xlbiris books to launder the money from their crimes.

That's why they are incredibly rich and corrupt and why they get away with so much.

The FBI doesn't take it seriously because Xlbiris can *** everyone that all their clients are just stupiid people who use a vanity publisher, and their defense against everything is to say their clients are just delusional idiots- mad they didn't become the next JK Rowling.

It is really shocking that fraud is being commited on such a massive scale, but most people outside the experience assume it is not as bad as it really is.


Someone has to let Congress know about these crooks ? Laws have to be passed to stop them. That's the only way to stop them.

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If any "publishing company" ever ask for money for your book to be published then they are a scam!

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