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I decided not to go forward with this marketing campaign. Their presentation and were offering more than they could deliver plus they were being less than honest about certain aspects of their marketing.

They avoided answering questions for me and just kept going back to the offer and ways I could pay e.g. split payments. I told them “NO” the second time. Then they called me the third time and hung up the phone as I was in the middle of my sentence while explaining why I didn’t want to purchase their services.

Very rude to hang up the phone to someone who has paid over $6,000 in other services to publish the book.

Bottom line is that in sales you gotta know how to deal with rejection and still have the decency to say “thank you, I understand you don’t want our services, but if you change your mind, please let us know... or something within those lines.

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Hello, and thank you for notifying us of this. We are sorry to hear that this has happened.

The professionalism of our consultants is a matter that we take very seriously.

Could we ask you to please forward the name and any emails from that consultant to us, at We appreciate you informing us of this.

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