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My name is Gary Lavell Thomas AKA L'Val. I am the writer and artist for a adult comic book entitled Legion: Demon In The Skull. AuthorHouse is promoting and making cash on a piece the company

destroyed the text in 2014. The company is making monies off title, and the company with Amazon changed the ISBN and Bar Number codes to make monies off title in Middle East Japan and overseas. The company has stolen thousands of dollars from me since 2014. I have

not received a royalty check since book on market. I made ask questions. The company claim book made no money. Yet company want to create a fake trust bank account to legally steal money; it

claim is not there. Demand I sigh a contract to pay for whatever they wanna bill me for. I have no debt with AuthorHouse. The company is full of thieves and crooks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Authorhouse Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Portia G

It's ridiculous how these philipino crooks have come to open book publishing companies and authors are trusting them with manuscripts that we spent long sleepless hours thinking and creating words and pictures for the enjoyment of families yet we are being robbed...in our faces. HELP!!

Thus HURTS very badly. It's embarrassing too!

We're not stupid because we tried to TRUST! AUTHOR Portia McGowan Green authorportia.weebly.com


The good thing is, I understood what the guy told me when I published my book


Or you can say your book is not that good. Maybe that's one of the reasons why your book didn't sell.

When I published my book back in 2007, the publisher fulfilled what I paid for, unfortunately, my book wasn't a big hit. Maybe yours as well. Never blame the publisher if your story wasn't good enough. It's fun reading negative comments to people that doesn't know a thing how everything works.

Imagine it this way, let's say your book is $20 a piece and you're the one who printed it, you probably will pay $7-$10 for printing, now let's talk about the shipping or not. That's why you will only get a percentage from your book sales through the publisher. It's unfair if you get the full amount.

Remember, imagine if you were the one who's printing it out and sending it international. Get real and face facts.


Odd thing 'bout a naive or stupid person looking from the outside in? Any number can be changed without the consent of a author.

Really? Years ago J R. R. Tolkien wrote Lord Of The Rings?

Ace stole and published text. Author sued Ace book for cash owed and stopped Ace from selling title. Do your own research. Point?

Sell a title in different countries the ISBN codes change to ASIN codes. I have no issues with unnamed comments coming from authorhouse employees. Life is a learning process. I take the bitter with the sweet.

However; trolls are cowards. It is called misdirection. Trolls distort the truth for lies. A publishing house buy ISBN codes for a book not author.

2nd point? Writers read small print and hire a lawyer. If you don't? You will be ripped off and taken advantage of!

Thank you for your time. Gary Lavell Thomas aka lval lval artist of legion demon in the skull.


Pissed consumer com help no one. It only feed into negative energy -- the devils.

AuthorHouse lies. Made Legion Demon In The Skull its money slave. Call or email whom? The company have all gary thomas or lval information on file.

Yet fail to pay royalty checks in 5 years. The comic was listed at 1 billion. E book was ranked at 6 million. AuthorHouse changed out ISBN code to a Asin code.

Sell title in 10 countries overseas. No book rankings.


Wrong. It's impossible to change the ISBN without any approval from the author lol


Pissed consumer is apart of this evil system as well.


The price of blood money? Stolen wealth? Damnation!


The ShitHouse Con Vs. AuthorHouse Scam LVAL LEGION DEMON IN THE SKULL.

I agree with LVal! If the title made not one sell in four or five years? Why is this company selling title in USA Walmart Barnes & Nobles Ebay and visa international book sellers? I am only asking a question?

Why do the buying public see ads to sell title everywhere? I saw what Thirft Book did. Remember? If title is not selling?

The work is in stock everywhere? Again; sure, the property has become this company's slave. The slave-title is making company a profit. The more exposure piece have.

The more money AuthorHouse, Amazon, ISBN, and their vendors split. The myth or legend is? This guy lived in New York. He went to school college there.

He worked to put himself through school. His money was so low. He miss meals to buy paper and pencils to do piece, and publish.

This is his reward? Too be ripped off by a crooked publisher!


I read 'bout this guy? Just very very hard to separate truth from fiction or lies?

The piece was destroyed by AuthorHouse? Wow? The title is not a children's book. The reason images are reduced to hide sex and violence.

Wow? The company stole dude's book? Wow? Both his hands were broken!

Oh my god? The series was completed. He refused to give up the other comics? Who broke his hands?

Why was he in exile in South America for nearly 5 years? Hey? How much is true? I hear this guy was murdered?

The reason his story is released everywhere now? Is this dude dead? What is this on youtube?

Old recordings? This guy was murdered?


I find it odd? You post a remark, but refused to talk to me on the telephone.

I called you 5 times or more in 5 hours in 1 day. Yet; you and company refused to resolve problem. If comic book making no money? Why the need to set up a bank account with you?

Yet; you are marketing and selling Legion: Demon In The Skull all over the world: Japan Italy Australia West Africa Germany Middle East UK. Sign what? All you need do? Sent me a bank check for monies owed.

You changed the ISBN to ASIN: B0794J2RBQ. Amazon change sell numbers on kindle title every day. Really? You people mean nothing to me?


I will gather proof? Lawyer can resolve and collect my money you are stealing from me.

@Gary Thomas LVAl

We're sorry to hear that you've had trouble reaching us via phone. Please feel free to send an email to complaintsresponses@authorhouse.com with your name, pen name, book title, and Project ID, and we can have our Customer Service team call you directly. Thank you.


Sorry? Your company and names of all players are exposed.

I am gary thomas lval. Interesting? Changed a comic book to a children book. Dropped isbn code and sell rank.

Sold legion: demon in the skull in 10 countries for profit. Hide sells of e book and usa sold title to library system. Tell me not one copy sold. AuthorHouse has my details.

Yet wanna pay me 5 cents to sign rights away.

Do you thieves. lavellgary@zoho.com


Hello, and thank you for your message. We're sorry to hear that you are having a poor experience with us so far.

Have you tried addressing your issue with our Customer Service team? Please feel free to call us at 888-519-5121 so we can help.


My name is gary thomas aka lval lval. Check your telephone recordings.

You played childish games for five hours. I will let a lawyer resolve this.

The company is only sorry for being exposed and caught in a web of lies. You placed me on your do not call list.


L'Val L'Val won't be first or last person AuthorHouse try to take advantage of. The title isn't making money?

Yet; AuthorHouse and Amazon hide sell numbers every day. Everyone involved in this scam made a mistake. The day the lawyer file legal charges in AuthorHouse city and state of corporate office. Of course they cannot win!

It will be a mess? AuthorHouse is exposed? AuthorHouse broke so many laws. Again; Legion: Demon In The Skull is being sold in 7 countries I know bout.

The e book is everywhere. Najafi corporation is AuthorHouse.

A child book. A butchered text.


gary thomas aka lval lval author legion demon in the skull. Keep dancing.

You must deal with me sooner or later. You bank any cash fro legion sales. The company will face federal charges for withholding writer's tax statement, and failing not to pay tax on stolen money. Other writers who royalty stole will come together.

Charge company with tax fraud. The company will be charged in a federal court.


I saw L'Val's promos on youtube. Youtube published AkA gary thomas's clips everywhere.

Odd? Everyone but artist making money. Youtube was upset like AuthorHouse because he refused to play their childish games. Sooner or later he will release new material and sell big.

He does not need AuthorHouse or Youtube. Shame on both.


ShitHouse is selling gary's comic. If he can prove comic making shithouse monies.

Boy? He can win in legal and civil court.


OutHouse is full of *** and smell like *** Give gary or lval his monies or 4 years of royalty checks. OutHouse is sell man's ebook in Japan France UK and world.

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