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I received a call late at night from the author Scott Hensley.He said that he received a note on his desk stating that he might be interested in my manuscript.

He did not say who was the informer, he didn't know the title of my manuscript. He began asking questionings about my manuscript and making positive comments on what he called "key things I mentioned" For example he thought it interesting and unique that I actually remember the date I began writing my book and ask if there was any significance to the date: I explained. As our conversation about the origin of my book continued, Scott said, " It seems like a book I'm interested in especially I impressed when someone is trying to help others." I honestly explained at this point the delay in publishing my book is due to finances and I am working on it. The agent said this is free money and you don't have to repay.

I will send you an email with my name etc. " He did just that! Email greeting and saying let me know if I can help in anyway, there is money for this project." Of course I was grateful and excited,! I decided to look up reviews on AuthorHouse just as I had all other considered publishing companies; and this is when I read the most disturbing author reviews on AurhorHouse.

I submitted a strong email explaining to this agent my findings... and how disappointing that he would scam and decieve beginning authors who are looking for support (not meaning money) and place trust in their company for guidance in publishing. He never responded. I gave him the benefit of the doubt by submitting a second email, mentioning that I had not heard from him and I even humbly made an apology if my assumptions of him was not accurate and if perhaps he worked apart from AuthorHouse Publishing Company.

I have yet to hear a response to at least clarify somethings. I'm left to believe all is true of AHPC and apparently my first email shamed him out or scared him off! For me as an amateur author, it's better to have learned a valuable lesson NOW than later!

Not pissed at this point but very disappointed,!!!Made me realize even more that I need to be cautious when publising my books!

Review about: Authorhouse Publishing Service.

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I recieve the same phone call from the same guy regarding my book.He is an author as well and we had one topic in common.

He promised funding in our first round of talks. After my grilling of questions, he did say there would be expenses from me. Ding, ding, ding, red flag. After careful review of the company, contract, and a little knowlege of the process, I turned him down.

He wasn’t happy although he was kind about it.

He has a background in marketing so he knows how to turn on the charm.My opinion, stay away.

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