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Update by user Nov 04, 2013

After contacting Authorhouse and complaining about the changes, they first tried to say that they could not find in their files where the price I quoted them was.They said they had set the price from the beginning at $5.99 and that they were discounting it to wholesalers at that price.

When they could not explain why they had dropped the price without contacting me, they agreed to pay me at the original %50 of the wholesale price that was first set.

I received a check for 2 sales, one for $2.00 and one for $2.56 less taxes total of $3.28.I told them to take my book out of their catalog and stop all future sales.

Original review posted by user Oct 04, 2013

They changed the price of my book and kept sending smaller and smaller royalty checks.They set the price of my book on their site at $9.99 hard copy and $7.99 e-book when published in August 2011.

Checks started at $1.87, dropped to $1.34, then $1.03, and the last check was $.50. When contacted about this they say the e-book is $5.99 and then is discounted to distributors like Barnes and Noble and that after that I got 50% of the proceeds.

I was not contacted about the price change.I am pissed.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada #958761

This is so sad and very unprofessional.Publishing companies should be righteous and true to authors who give them business for them to be recognised companies.

There should be justice and peace and order and not heart-aches to authors...

To all Authors in the Self-Publishing industry; the Lord is with you and in your midst. Be healed in your healed in the work of your justly rewarded for what you rightly deserve. The Lord God Almighty says to you righteous authors, “You are special and worthy as authors. There will be justice and peace in the work of your hands.

There will be honour and praise not heart-aches because, I the Lord who is your God am with you, my hand is in your midst and I will help you.

Not by might, nor power, but by my Spirit.This will take place as I make it happen in my power and righteousness.”


Kevin Gray is trying to trick more victims here with his endless, continuous scam. He is friends with Mafia bosses and they help him with the fraud so that he will launder their money using the dumb vanity books.,


Kevin Gray is only pretending he gives a *** so that anyone reading this will think it is a one off incident and not the continuous scam it is.He knows potential victims read here and get put off.

He isn't posting to help the scamed people at all he's just pretending.

He is just hoping to lure in more victims by pretending that he will ever pay royalties owed or ever do anything honest.He never will help with anything.


Good afternoon,

If you have questions about the pricing of your book or would like an accounting of the number of books sold and royalties paid to you; please send me an email with your name, current phone number and title of your AuthorHouse book and we will be happy to help.


Kevin Gray

kgray at authorsolutions dot com

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