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Author house running for 22 years. What online says 20 years I left an email with the company I received a call 0800 047 203 almost instantly by author house. I spoke to a Roland Greer, I could hear over the phone typing on the keyboard. Is he keeping up with What I was saying that time, assuming they were just recording every conversation I had with them at that time. and he was telling me he was some kind of manager can't recall what executive or something or someone higher up. He had very good English skills. Although I could tell he was a foreign. I told him minimal information of my book And disclose my author name Which I hesitated at first as I felt this was a bit odd, he sounded very excited and kept saying it will be a good book you have a great idea, And you have potential In getting this book worldwide I Wanna read it, he said, I can't wait to see it, can not wait to read it and I will be dealing with your book and getting your book out on the market he mention prices. He mentioned deals package deals. Book deals, he insisted that it's an easy step to publish a book and I could get my copes to me book soon I think you mentioned a month or two in hardback, paperback, e-book, and on Amazon. I almost instantly got excited, but this is the catch. This is when they ask you for money. They asked me to pay £1099 The price taken me by surprise he told me he will speak with his manager and putt me on hold but this is the catch. This is where they try and hook you into Parting with your money £1099 is a lot I hesitated on that price, he said he will speak to his manager to see if I can get a discounted rate. I said yes sure then I was on hold for about 15 minutes. This is where your mind goes wild makes you excited about getting your book out and your deal packages Roland Greer Answered me on the phone and spoke with me instantly saying congratulations, your book application has been accepted by unknown manager didn't tell me his name of the manager he has given you a discounted rate. You will have to pay £799. I said, you're joking, the price is too much. I still hesitated and said, can I not get any cheaper deals i asked. He said yes you'll get another discount for you first instalment package deal. It will cost for your first instalment package £326.33p he will call me back up at 6 o'clock Which I found very odd. As usual, business close around about five by this point I start to think is this a scam which was exciting to me because I want to keep them thinking I was going to part with some money So I had another look online. I looked at the review of author house and the first one I saw was a scam, that made me insist on making them think that I would pay up. I spoke to my solicitor for some advice. They advise me you would need to speak to Citizens advice also intellectual property solicitor Which could cost For that solicitor so I put my brain to work, Which I asked for their numbers so I could call them back. If they if I miss my call I obtain there number from them but this is the catch. Yet a gain After speaking with them. I called that number, and I was barred I kept asking for a reference number Throughout the conversation which was not obtained Seemed odd DO NOT RING / 0190 830 9250 / 0800 047 203

If you ring you may get an answer straight away. If you've not been in contact with them.

If you have already been contacted by author house you're are Already barred and will get no answer as you Probably have been barred so that you can't track them down.

so I waited till 6 o'clock bang on 6 o'clock, I received the call from a Roland Greer on 0190 830 9250 and asked me have I fought about the deal and are you sorted with your payment Method. I said, I've changed my mind think I was being a bit too impulsive on my idea of getting my book out He then said random stuff which I couldn't quite understand he Mention the price £326.33p And said, I get it cheaper for you and the deal and the discount rate would only last a week If I didn't pay up now. I would lose my deal offer

So I told him I'm on their website review and I read up on a lady saying there was a scam At this firm. At this point I heard a lady in the background saying, hang up, hang up, hang up, she was foreign. yes, to my surprise, they did their last words were, thank you for your novel Will get back to you soon, In which I know they will not because I'll barre them From contact me. I advised them to remove me from their data under the data protection act. They ignored me. I emailed them to leave me alone and remove me from the data

I have three emails from three different people at that firm with a big C letter saying Congratulations. We need to obtain your bank details. I didn't give them out And left it as that. keep track of your emails. Readers of this information. Warning before you take any action with Author house. I will advise you to speak to an intellectual property solicitor and Citizens advice and check that they are all Reputable companies for you to do anything like this was Which I'm glad I did not continue, you may not see your money again and may not have a copy of your book May not even get published they may change it under a different name, different author and make profit from that

I'm very disappointed in author house

PS I have wasted my time. Writing this when I could have been white my novel

Thanks scammers you almost convinced me well im not a fall you are scamming People off you're the fall

Scam Warning

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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