Harrogate, England
Not resolved

I left an email with the company. I received a call almost instantly by Authorhouse. I asked for their number so I could contact them. I obtained the number from them. I called the number after finishing the call with them. It straight away went to number not recogonised. I spoke to a Roland Greer and he was telling me he was a director of the company. He had very good English although I could tell he was foreign. He told be he would call be up at 18:00pm today. They asked me to pay £1999 once I told them my idea, they said it was a good idea but they were going to speak to their manager. They put me on hold for about 15minutes. Then they came back to me and said congratulations your book has been accepted. However I only gave them minimal information about my book. Then they told me they would get the price lowered which was put down to £799. He insisted the book was going to be a worldwide seller. I told him I didn't want to be a worldwide seller. He then said he could further discount it to £326.33 for the first instalment package. I did not pay because I felt it was dodgy. I advise any readers do not use this company as they are a scam. You need to speak to an intellectual property solicitor before you take any action with this company. I am very disappointed in them. Thanks Scammers.

PS do not call these numbers as they will call you but when you try and call them back you will be barred:

0800 047 203

01908 309 250

I tried and failed.

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