Batam, Riau Islands
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In 2011 I paid Authorihouse two thousand dollars to print my bio "Rogue Journey" since have received less than $230 in royalties whereas thousands of copies were printed and place on the market and on line with Amazon and others in the U.S. and the U.

K. and continued to be sold second hand without accountability. I withdraw the book from the market in 2016. In 2019 I attempted to republish a slightly update version of the book with Create Space and found the copyrights do not belong to me, but to Authorhouse.

What has been written about this vanity publisher in complaint form is all true. What is needed is a class action suit against Authorhouse that can bring these thieves to justice. I have complained on and off for years. My password for Pissed Off Consumer is/was Ron Miller202.

Their company name should be Authorhose, not Authorhouse. RSM.

Batam Island, Indonesia. Ronmiller1055 and or

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