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I have been ready with a childrens book series for a few months now. A collection I'VE worked so hard on for several years and even did the illustrations myself as well.

I had planned to just attempt to publish on my own but hard back cover books are an exspensive start up for me and most folks starting out. I reached out to after reading all they can offer a first time published writer's Intro to the published books world. Within a day i got a phone call from a male employee and he was or atleast seemed like an honest guy. I told him id need time to go over their authors help package fhat they email you.

I called him back with a list of questions some he could answer but the more important questions like,"How much money will i have to pay for buying my own books to sell locally at least12 stores and shops have agreed to carry because i knew locally made sales might actually pay me more depending on the cost of my own book...this man that claimed he had worked for the company for 17 years could not give me an exact amount of my cost... first he said around nine dollars for each book... then when i became very silent as i was adding the start up fees(supposed discounted price of approximately 650$, a very low percentage like10% of my over all royalties quarterly paid, but he quickly told me that at certain book stores or book shops I'd make as much as 30% it was almost an overload of possibilities and various calculations that before long you start to see that this might just be so much safer than me trying to figure all these steps out on my own and the first time fee broken down into 3 monthly payments.... after all thats much cheaper and easier than getting a book printing company and all that comes with self publishing and sales promotions.

The man assured my author's guide would help explain most of my questions and normal concerns and that I'd be corresponding with various people in their company as my payments were made and we began the first steps...LONG STORY SHORT... I got this kind of nagging in my gut and decided to search for complaints, if any, that might be found in a simple google search. Just as my gut feelings were giving me concerns; They were proved right as I was dumbfounded as i read so many complaints and many dreadful stories that writers in the hooks of this company are now finding out that the international book sales number is owned by Author's House Publishing Company NOT THE WRITER one article explains how to hopefully get you and your book back from the claws of this alleged RIP OFF SCHEME COMPANY the article tells that the author makes very little income from the books sales... IT'S the company that stands to gain and also keep you held hostage by basically owning your book even if you had it copyrighted beforehand because they registered that international sales number into the company's name so you'd have to REREGISTER that number and do a complete redo on all your illustrations and layout of the book...there's more that i learned as i read and read and I knew the professional and honest seeming man that has been urgjng me on by HIS many compliments and encouragement was simply trying his best to hook me.

And then I'd have endured what all these other poor folks have. I thank everyone who took the time to share their stories (nightmares) and saving me from DOING the signing TOMORROW!! I hope even one person can be saved from the mistake I just nearly made!! Doing your reseach homework is so very important these days and i plan to have an earfull for the man that will call me for the yes or no I said I'd give him after i made sure to go through their author's tutorial he had emailed me.

Im so sorry for the folks who may still be stuck dealing with those people!! All my best to you and dont gjve up your dream just because some tricky *** took advantage of your dreams.

Things like this just makes us wiser. Thanks, Ramona Bell

Product or Service Mentioned: Authorhouse Publishing Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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