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Just called to order books for my book signing they tried to charge me 1300 per book the is listed 1895 online so I would have to sell the book for more than they sell it online just to make a profit. Plus I can never get in touch with my book consultant so i end up having to leave messages and hoping that later they contact me. This *** is a scam the author loses always.

Product or Service Mentioned: Authorhouse Publishing Service.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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I had seen this with personal friends who worked with them too.


Mind of I make a suggestion Author Solutions? I moved Tom McKinley into The Book Patch and paid for his ISBN, you will be paying me rent for the template and that's $40.00 per release. But what you will be doing is paying for copies at $6.70 then hand selling the copies on and you will be doing a PSA on Vimeo about a publisher who was arrested for Embezzlement


Hello, can you please contact us at It seems that there is a misunderstanding here, and we would definitely like to clarify this issue.

Please include your name and Project ID.

We would also be grateful if you could include the name of your consultant who has not been available. Thank you.