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I wrote a book about a theory I developed over many years and finally compiled all my thoughts into a book, which I wrote, produced and shipped all by myself. I have a website and have sent my books out since 2005.

In February 2011, I read an article in The AARP magazine making note of Author House. When I saw that listing, I thought that I'd look into the possibility of taking my book a step further. I contacted them, charged $499 to my credit card and after repeated back and forth e-mails, I have received nothing. My book was produced by me, completely edited and required no work by Author House to process.

When I first contacted them, I told them that my book was in "Microsoft Word" format and they responded that "Word" was a good format. Later on, I needed to re-format to "PDF" which I did, then it was change the margins, which I did. On and on, as you can see, they ran a game by me. They have not provided anything to me, nor have they submitted any cost of services that they have incurred.

I requested a refund, minus any possible costs, and have received ZERO, or even any acknowledgement of my displeasure. This is still ongoing and I am hoping to recover my investment with Author House.

Monetary Loss: $499.

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Middlebury, Indiana, United States #1031178

Cease attempting to contact Authorhouse. Instead, sue them for all they're worth.

Countless other authors have been scammed in this way and they are not getting anywhere by contacting Authorhouse.

Again, I advise you to sue the company. Be careful, because there is ample evidence this is a well-organized Mafia-connected business that can strike back if anything is done against them.

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