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Author House left a bad taste in my mouth they don't communicate with you PERIOD, they have THREE different numbers by which to contact me they use NONE!

They took my husband's manuscript and did what they wanted to do with it, the FULL sized cover that is on the original book looks like they used a cheap copier to copy the picture then put it on the cover like a wide screen movie with the LARGE BLACK SECTIONS at the TOP and BOTTOM of the cover.

I started my chapters at the TOP of the page for whatever reason Tim Mendoza took my husband work and butchered it. He has the chapters starting mid way down the page like we needed help with pages for the book.

They when they figured up the cost of the book and our royalty where they come up with such LOW figures is beyond me your book would have to be more than $30 to get a decent royalty amount. Then they claim to give the author a discount on the book and it is at the cost they state for the book where is our discounts?

We wasn't happy with the book and all Author House can come to us with is re-submitting the work AND paying them an additional $200! Nobody has called to offer any solutions to our problem all they want is additional money when they haven't earned the money we've paid them.

Now that the butchering job is published we can't get ANYONE to answer the phone now, they don't return emails.

Why is everything done online? How can you tell what your final cover will look like looking at it in an email? I sent them one thing they took our money and gave us what they felt like doing because it was NOTHING compared to what we sent them.

How come there is NO editing involved in the process? On the Thank You page of the book I submitted neat work and when they got through with it I didn't even recognize it. Got my name hanging off the line it looks so tacky don't they realize their name is on the book too?

If we hadn't asked what font the book was done in we would have ended up with some *** that was a font size of 8.18 WHO can read something that small and why doesn't Author House send you the proofs in real time instead of thinking that all computers are created equal when they are not?

Author House believes in collecting money spending as little as humanly possible doing everything online instead of faxing the proofs to the author or putting them in the mail so you can hold in your hands what your paying for and not trying to guess what it looks like looking at it in an email.

Why do they have SO many people with THICK accents answering their phones AND in key positions? The language barrier is something else beside aggravating and frustrating you don't know if your questions is being understood let alone them trying to answer your questions.

I wasn't pleased with them at all, there was no paying attention to detail, no communication between Author House and the author they just did what they wanted to do and now we are stuck with this ugly small crooked cover, the chapters starting half way down the pages so on the pages where there is two chapters on one page it looks tacky with the chapters starting down the page like they do.

What is the purpose of all the blank pages I was told the pages had to be divisible by four so I ended up with a lot of additional blank pages in my book that added to the page count of the book.

Trying to place the order for my 10 free books was quite the challenge I spoke to Jeff ONCE and caught *** trying to reach him by the time I did THREE full days had gone by I left him a detailed voice message AND sent him and email BOTH ignored by him!

I sent Tim Mendoza an detailed email full of questions all the lazy man did was pass the buck on me and he didn't respond to not ONE question I had asked.

In the beginning everyone was ALL smiles and available as the process went on nobody was available to answer my calls and many of my emails went unanswered.

We had a designer design our cover and Author House gave the credit for our cover to Thinkstock we've NEVER heard of them but they got credit for our cover when our designer used Corel to make our cover how did Thinkstock get the credit?

Author House DON'T tell you that many store DO NOT TAKE PRINT ON DEMAND BOOKS so how do you get your book out there when your book is on some body's data bank sitting until someone orders it then the book is copied and assembled then mailed?

Author House doesn't offer any type of break on their marketing services so if your not rich you'll have plenty of work to do trying to get your book out there. Why does the marketing services costs $4,000 and there are NO guarantees other than they going to take your money they guarantee you that much!

In closing Author House leaves much to be desired they claim they work with the authors this is a LIE they ignore the author, there is a LACK of communication on Author House's part. After reading the reviews I can only HOPE that Author House will do the right thing by us but so far it looks like a L-O-N-G S-H-O-T!

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They are probably calling me. Everyday I get a message from them for someone called Angie.

One message even says they emailed her and she must have replied as they said the email was definitely for her. Waiting to see if they are getting my number off the list like they have promised.